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Ladies, as we read in Revelation for our daily “devos” as a church, many may love the details of these chapters and yet many may not fully understand what they are reading.  Wherever we stand, we can search within ourselves to discover “revelation” for our own life.

In Revelation 2 and 3, seven churches are listed and something is said to each one.  At some point in our walk with the Lord, we can see ourselves in each of the 7 churches described.

  1. Ephesus—This church lost their first love.  Our “devos” can’t be another to-do list on our things to do for the day.  Are you awed by God daily?
  2. Smyrna—They suffered economic loss for not going with Rome and the government of that time. Jesus encouraged them to stand firm.  Are you standing firm on God’s Word?
  3. Pergamum—This church was tolerant of any religion. We have to stand with God’s Word and not compromise.  Where have you given a little compromise in your lives?
  4. Thyatira—They are tolerating sexual sin. Have little things slipped into our conversations with others?
  5. Sardis—This was a dead church and they needed to go back to what you believed and repent. What do you need to repent in your life?
  6. Philadelphia—This church was small, yet were faithful.  Keep being faithful in the little things.
  7. Laodicia—This was a lukewarm church.  What areas in our lives our lukewarm?

We need to be willing to listen to what the Spirit is saying and do it.  Are you willing to stay with what you believe, be faithful, and repent if needed?

Pastor Laurie

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