About GBC


  • Our Vision: “to win souls and make disciples.”
    Our Goal: “every believer becomes a leader of leaders.”
    Our Strategy: the “Ladder of Success: win, consolidate, disciple, and send.”

In the fall of 1988 Kevin and Veronica Powers began praying about where God wanted them to be and what God wanted them to do. One day while Kevin was praying he asked God where they were going. God said, “You are going back to Wichita, Kansas to start a church.”  Shortly after God spoke to him his wife came to him and he asked her what she thought they were going to do. She immediately said, “We’re going back to Wichita to start a church.”  From that moment forward they began to pray out the prophetic word and work that had come before them. God gave them the name for the church in their prayer time, as well as the vision for the church.

They moved to Wichita, Kansas in December of that year and started preparing for their first service. They only knew of 12 people that were supporting them and these 12 joined them in their new endeavor.  Their first priority was to locate a meeting place and gather the necessary equipment that they would need. God miraculously supplied on every hand.  On February 5, 1989, they held their first service at Lynette Woodard Park building with 26 people in attendance. From there they grew and never looked back.
In 1990, the church moved into a church building on St. Clair. The church continued to grow as God sent many people to help them along the way.  Then in 1992, God told Kevin that they were to go on the evangelistic field.  With a new call upon their hearts, they felt lead of God that Kenny Powers and his wife, Sherry, were to take  over as pastors of Glorious Bible Church.   The people of the church agreed and plans were made to make this change. Then on the first night of service as new pastors, Sherry Powers was  killed in an automobile accident leaving behind two small girls. However, Pastor Kenny continued, and is still the pastor today.

From their location at 21st and Woodlawn, Glorious Bible Church found themselves moving as their facility became too small to hold their growing congregation. They moved into Sweet Briar Shopping Center and continued to grow. Now looking for a permanent home they left that building and began meeting in Wilbur Jr. High School.  It was during a revival here that the Word of the Lord came forward saying they would have their own home by the summer of 1996.  God was faithful to His Word. On the first day of summer that same year the Glorious Bible Church officially got their present residence at 1001 West Street. God in His abundance provided a permanent home that was completely furnished this abundance was our Jubilee.

Outgrowing that building the Lord gave them favor and a plan for expansion and with his help they built a multipurpose building that will seat 350 people.  Today Pastors Kenny and Laurie Powers continue the vision that the Lord set for GBC of Building the Family of God here in Wichita Ks.

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